Solar Activity and Climate (20th May 2011)

Prof. dr. Kees de Jager has been studying the Sun for most of his life as a professional astrophysicist. In the past few years he has focussed on the relation between solar activity and the Earth’s climate.

In this talk, given on the 20th of may 2011, prof. de Jager presents the latest results of his work. One of the main conclusions is that the Sun does have a significant influence on the Earth’s climate, in addition to the human induced effects.

The activity of the sun knows an 10-11 years cycle. During the period 2008 – 2010 the sun has been very quiet and the expected raise in activity started as late as 2011. Prof. de Jager expects a low maximum of the cycle that just started. It will be followed by a lengthy period of quietness, similar to the Maunder minimum of the 17th century.

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